Friday 26.11, not a working day in Israel

Friday 26.11, not a working day in Israel,
client calling us (they normally work with other forwarders), saying they are stuck without cargo and needs it in Israel fastest and cheapest way. Air freight, is definitely not an option. Offering an alternative. Origin is Germany.
Calling one of our friends and partners. We have a set route we offer for such cases for years.
Monday 29.11 , 11:00 truck is loading in Germany.
Tuesday 07.12. containers is in Israel.
Client is amazed. They will use us again, when they are stuck.
R.P.A.PORT LTD offers more than 50 years of experience, three generations in the business.
We offer unique solutions and specialising in special markets and activities. We aim to be always attractive and bring added value to our clients. Our regular clients knows, price is not everything.

We are at your service!

P.s. – Later that week, for same client we added another lot which was stuck and delivered within 5 working days from Europe to Israel.

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