OOG unique and once in a lifetime project to final destination in Russia

R.P.A.PORT LTD handles another OOG unique and once in a lifetime project to final destination in Russia. It was an extremely unique project of 15 olive trees from Israel to remote final destination in Russia. On this project, we had to build a very unique solution considering the cargo is live trees. It was an amazing project and we are glad to report client agronomist confirms all trees arrived safely and will live.We consulted with specialist agronomist in regards to packaging and watering solutions. We harnessed vast experience to locate and hire the best subcontractors who was responsible for extracting trees from the ground and packing using creative and professional solutions. We loaded on flat rack using professional crane operators, cradled, braced and lashed, covered, upheld tight schedule and transported to the port of loading using special trucks and convoy, export formalities and agriculture handling, rendered ocean freight service which was involved in convincing the liner captain and planners to load the cargo which is OOG and perishable and convincing port of destination to receive the cargo. In Russia, our partners preformed agriculture handling, watering at port, customs clearance, transportation with special trucks under convoy , ferry ride & safely unloading
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